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Medical and pharmaceutical packaging in Mirandola (Modena, Italy) since 1980

Encaplast S.p.A. – About us

Encaplast S.p.A. was founded by the Neri family in the early 1980s. It has been transmitting the same values ​​of the past for generations: quality, reliability and innovation.
At present, Encaplast is a joint-stock company aiming to increasingly strengthen its position in the international market. The company currently offers packaging solutions for medium and large enterprises in the medical and pharmaceutical sector, as well as small customized lots for specific requirements handled by the internal technical office.


Product and service quality!
Medical and pharmaceutical packaging made in a highly innovative clean room (ISO 8 certified) with the possibility to develop large production lines, but also small customized lots.


A healthy and sincere relationship with the customer!
Our sales staff is always in close contact with our partners: the goal is to carefully examine the needs, providing innovative and custom packaging solutions..


Innovative medical and pharmaceutical packaging!
We make products in line with current standards, with a focus on the future. Research and development of state-of-the-art techniques and materials enable us to offer modern and customizable solutions.

Patrizia and Mario, administrators at Encaplast

“Encaplast is a big family: 40 years ago our parents founded this company, which is now active at an international level. All this was possible thanks to the precious support of our collaborators, who have never stopped believing in Neri family’s ambitions and sharing them. Our qualified and constantly increasing team of collaborators, together with a modern and state-of-the art plant, allows us to work with international partners. We are extremely proud of being a member of the exclusive trade association SBA: this has always been our goal and is now a new starting point to strengthen our role in the global market.”

Years of experience
Square meters in the plant

80s and 90s

Encaplast was born in a small plant of only 300 sqm, but the goal of Mr. Enzo Neri, along with his wife Carla, was clear from the beginning: to bring Encaplast to compete with the major packaging companies. In just a few years, the company gained ten employees, including the son Mario and the daughter Patrizia, who immediately began to follow in the footsteps of their parents.
In the ‘90 Encaplast expanded: a new 1,000 sqm plant was set up and the workforce grew to 30 employees. The company is still family-run and has a rosy future ahead.



The medical district in Mirandola started playing an important role in the international market.
Encaplast grew very quickly to meet the needs of the companies of the sector.
Two new plants were set up in Mirandola (Modena, Italy): a warehouse with offices in via Chiarini and a clean room (ISO 8 certified) with warehouse for shipments in via Di Mezzo for a total area of ​​4,000 sqm.
The second generation of the family plays an increasingly important role, supporting the parents in the company management.


The reconstruction after the earthquake in 2012

20th and 29th May 2012: dates and earthquakes that changed the appearance of the landscapes in the region Emilia. Many historic buildings were destroyed, a lot of families lost their homes and many companies were brought to their knees. It is in situations of great discomfort that people can give their best. Over time, the destruction was replaced by the reconstruction and, although with much trouble, Encaplast has also come back. The earthquake had completely destroyed the plants, but thanks to the commitment of its collaborators, Encaplast was reborn by further enhancing its productive and working capacity.
Just an excuse to restart even stronger than before!



A new plant, completely reconstructed and modern, with a total area of ​​4,400 sqm, including administrative offices, technical office, heated warehouse for storage with acceptance of raw material, grey room (750 sqm for cutting, printing and laminating/coupling), clean room (750 sqm, ISO 8 certified), quality control and warehouse for shipments. The workforce is made up of more than 100 employees and in constant increase. Encaplast joins SBA, becoming one of the world’s leading medical and pharmaceutical packaging companies.



The goals for the future are quite clear: to bring Encaplast to a multinational corporation, preserving the values ​​transmitted by the Neri family. A further expansion of the clean room and grey room is being planned, with new machinery and new production systems.
All this with special attention to other surrounding businesses: Encaplast believes in young people and innovative projects, so it supports new ideas and proposals coming from sectors other than medical and pharmaceutical packaging!
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