100% Plastic Films

100% Plastic Films

Transparent films, perfect in visibility and control. These plastic films have an easy opening and allow a total peelability, without causing tears or alterations of the film.

This film is suitable for:

  • Gamma ray
  • Beta ray

As per all Encaplast products, custom sizes can be ordered on request. Different sterilization ways available.

Encaplast S.p.A. - What we do

Custom solutions for medical and pharmaceutical packaging.
Encaplast studies the best solution for its partners’ needs with its technical office, in strict compliance with norms and quality standards. Material cutting, printing, coupling/laminating and welding are the main steps of the productive process  through which the packaging solutions for your needs are made.


The productive process starts by cutting the material. From Tyvek® jumbo rolls, papers, aluminums and films, the machines shape the material according to the customer's needs.


Once shaped, the material is ready to be printed (where necessary). Logos, certifications, texts, infographics, details: thanks to the technical office, the most appropriate solutions are adopted. Encaplast has flexographic printing systems up to 6 colors, even duplex.


If necessary, at this stage of the productive process, the layers (papers, aluminums and films) are joined to create the desired packaging. Once paired/laminated it is time to weld!


One of the most delicate phases is welding. It is important to meet high quality standards to ensure maximum sealability, repeatability and performance of the materials used, without forgetting the peelability of the envelopes for the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

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