Encaplast S.p.A.

Encaplast S.p.A. offers custom solutions for medical and pharmaceutical packaging and is a constantly evolving company. Founded in the early ’80s by the Neri family, it has preserved and pursued the same values ​​of the past: quality, reliability and innovation.
Now Encaplast is a joint-stock company and, while maintaining its roots in Mirandola’s medical district (Modena, Italy), it aims to increasingly strengthen its position in the international market.

Medical and pharmaceutical packaging solutions

Since the early ’80s, Encaplast has started a process aimed at studying and producing specific packaging solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. The legal and operational headquarters have always been located in Mirandola (Modena, Italy) and this has certainly played an important role, by placing Encaplast inside one of the most important biomedical districts in the world. This direct link made it possible to develop techniques and products constantly in line with the industry needs. High quality standards pushed Encaplast to create a clean room on three shifts, where medical and pharmaceutical packaging solutions both in large series and small batches for particular business needs are produced.

Encaplast is an official member of “sba: sterile barrier association”

Encaplast is proud of being a member of SBA, the exclusive trade association that brings together the most important companies producing raw materials and packaging for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

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